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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 23, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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hello on this sunday. you are live in the c"cnn newsroo newsroom". i'm ana cabrera. thank you for being here. tomorrow the realtyie tv puts on his convention. some convention reminders that the disruptive outsider of 2016 is now the beleaguered incumbent of this year's race. a short time from now the president will hold a press conference with the head of the fda. the topic -- a major therapeutic breakthrough, but the timing unusual. just yesterday the president accused members of the fda of being part of the deep state, and without evidence suggested they're going slow on testing
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vaccines and therapeuticing so they can delay them until after the election. the president reupping attacks on mail-in voting, suggesting against without evidence, not only fraud but that ballot drop boxes are a health risk, saying in part, they are not covid sanitized. twitter actually slapped a label on this tweet for being misleading. top clear, the president wants you to think that ballot drop boxes will get you sick, yet when it comes to having supporters pile in a room close together to hear him speak, there's no problems? over the next four days the republican party and the president will have to contract what we heard repeatedly in the democratic convention.
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the president's sister, a respected former federal judge slamming him in a secret recording. >> -- it's the lack of preparation, 9 lying, the holy [ bleep ]. >> more on this recording in just a moment, but jeremy, first we're getting new details about this announcement from the president. fill us in. >> reporter: that's right. two sources familiar with the matter are telling cnn that the president is expected to announce that the fda has an emergency use thor skaist for a potential coronavirus treatment, and that is convalescent plasma. >> it's already been used in about 70,000 patients. there is some dispute about the efficacy of this treatment, but doctors generally believe that it could work and could help coronavirus patients. it has helped with other types of coronavirus such as sars and
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mers the timing is interesting. yesterday the president went after the fda with a heavy hand, saying they're delaying treatments so they aren't ready for the election on time. the chief of staff mark meadows was asked about that. listen to what he said. >> what happens is that we continue to look at some of the trials and what's happening, and we want to wear a belt and suspenders the way that some of these bureau crass look at it. this president is about cutting red tape. i think you'll hear an announcement later today that he had to make sure that they he felt the heat. if they don't see the light, they need to feel the heat. >> of course the president's
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tweet wasn't about -- it was accusing them of being part of the deep state and accusing them of political motivation. the question will be whether the fda authorizes this on its own on or if this was political pressure. i'm sure the president will be asked about that later today. >> can you fact check some of the president's claims about ballot drop boxes. >> reporter: the president suggesting not only these drop boxes are unsafe from -- but also that you can't contract the virus by using one. both claims are completely baseless. not only are they considered ef certainly from a health standpoint it's safer to drop something off in the mail than to assistant in line with other people around you, which is the
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primary method. the president has been making a series of claims about the november election, about widespread fraud. he even suggested he might send law enforcement officers to polling locations on november 3rd. listen to the responsible from the homeland security secretary, when he was asked if his law enforcement officers would participate in such a mission. >> has the president discussed with you deploying any of your law enforcement agents to serve as poll watchers? >> no, absolutely he has not. again, that's not what we do 2nd department of homeland security. we have law enforcement officers at the department. we have express authorities, and this is not one of them. >> if the president told you to send armed agent to polls station stations, you would say no, sir, that's no the in our bailiwick. >> jake, we don't have any authority to do that at the department. >> mark meadows also suggested there won't be a situation where
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the administration sends hundreds of officers to polls stations. twitter has posted the notice that the tweet violated rules about election content and the tweet is still up, but it does have the warning appended to it. >> thank you, jeremy diamond. to those secret reporters. president trump's sister, mary ann trump barry, and in then, barry, a retired federal judge trash her brother as cruel and's one who has accomplished very little and just out for himself. here's a portion of the tape. >> it's a -- the lying oh, my god, i'm talking really, you know the changes of the story, the lack of preparation, the lying, the -- holy [ bleep ]. >> they were secretly recorded by president trump's niece and
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without her knowledge. she's made clear she haus differences between her uncle. the president's response -- every day it's something else. i continue to miss my brother. the results are obvious. our country will soon be stronger than ever before. president trump referencing there his late brother who died earlier this month. joining us, the journalist behind this explosive reporting. "the washington post" reporter michael cranish. i just want to make our viewers understand how you discovered these -- you asked mary trump about how she made the claisms. that's when she revealed she recorded 15 hours worth of face-to-face conversations with her aunt maryanne. did you receive all of those 15 hours of recordings? >> no. i asked her the question you
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mentioned, but how she knew, and if her book she states flatly that her uncle, president trump, had paid someone to take his s.a.t. tests. so i wrote about profiles about mary, wrote about the book, so forth. i asked her basically, you know, what is the basis for this. she in responsible decided to reveal she had secretly recorded her aunt saying this. it does not confirm that this individual did take a test for donald trump, but does confirm that she was told this by her aunt. then i asked her, would she then provide other examples from the tapes of what her aunt had said to her? she provided me with a number of excerpts, ought i don't tapes, some of which have put on online, some of which have not. this is the president's older
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sister. she's known him obviously since he was born. they were at times very close. there is a rift that occurred a couple times as i describe in the story, but she should know him as well as everybody, and she made very striking comments, including, he has no principles and also, you can't trust him, quotes/unquote. there's very striking things from his sister. i asked the white house, before the story was published, for comment. they didn't respond. after the story was put online, the president responded with the quote you mentioned. that quote does not directly address the story at all. the president told me in an interview last year he regrets how he treated mary's father.
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in a statement, he referring to his brother robert, and fred junior died in 1981. he does not mention the sister or the story. the story is about his sister. >> i want to ask about the relationship between the isn't president and his sister, let's play this portion. >> i didn't get him in, but i know he -- and he -- he went to fordham for one year and got into the university of pennsylvania. he had somebody take the exams -- >> no way. >> s.a.t.s or whatever. >> jesus, that's -- >> that's what i believe. i even remember the name. >> oh, man. president trump as we mentioned, has denied he paid
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someone to take his s.a.t. but this is incredible with the emphasis he's put on hess education, and the demands on others, accusing several officials as having low i.q.s. what do you see as the significance? how significant are these revelations? >> well, president trump has made a fundamental claim that he's, quote, a super-genius. he said he got into the wharton school of finance, and he said it was one of the hardest to get. i wrote a story last year, when i quoted the admissions officer, and he said it wasn't that hard, no evidence of super genius,s and half the people at that time did get into the undergraduate school. president trump was add at
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fordham for two years, not one. but by saying -- demanding, as you said, president obama's grades. if he wants to address it himself, he could release hess scores, so it's it's something he's made a point of, it's at you. he has referenced this in terms of getting into the college, so that's why this has become so interesting. we know, i think from my reporting, frankly, it wasn't that hard to get into wharton. in fact the admissions officer was a friend of mary trump's father. he was a friend of fred trump jr. >> what more can you tell you about the relationship he has
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with his sister maryanne, do you know whether mary trump, the niece, recorded any other conversations? >> i don't know if she recorded other conversations with other family members. she has not said she has. in the book there seemed to be quotes coming from judge barry. the relationship -- maryanne trump barry was nominated by president reagan in 1983 to be a federal judge at a time there weren't many women on the federal bench. she was one of just a couple attorneys in the federal attorney's office at the time. so, you know, she had quite a remarkable punishment. in the tapes she says that she asked her brother donald trump to ask donald trump's lawyer, the infamous roy cohen to called
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president reagan to try to smooth the way to barry to be nominated for the federal bench. the next day, in fact, according to the president's sister, she was in fact nominated. in the tape she says i would have done this on my own merits and donald trump has never let her forget, and on the tapes she was very upset with donald trump over the way he constantly would try to take credit for accomplishments. she was later promoted to higher positions. she began serving in '83 and retired a year ago. it was a very long service on the bench in which she reached quite a high position. >> mike at kranish, great reporting. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. what do you get when you
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the stage is set. now represents will have a chance to make their pitch, and we've learned president trump is expected to make an appearance every night this week, including at tomorrow's roll call vote in charlotte, north carolina. cnn's ryan nobles is joining us know. what else can we expect? >> reporter: a lot of people who have the same last name with him. there's someone with the last name of trump speaking every single night, including the president who will appear in the
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10:00 p.m. hour every single night. of course, of course. that was all -- jacksonville didn't work out, so the bulk of the convention will tapke place in washington, d.c. there's still business in charlotte taking place. they'll have the roll call vote from the delegates from all 50 states. the president and vice president pence is expected to be here tomorrow. republican leaders have been forced to reevaluate how they would put this convention on?
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they had so many different stops and starts. of course, the president a former reality tv show himself, has employed some of hess prior producerers to help. we've talked about all the complications, the multiple sites, and we also can't forget there are two hurricanes bearing down on the gulf coast, which also could impact these festivities this week. a lot of uncertainly into tomorrow night. the expectations they are setting is very high. ryan nobles, thank you. ana navarra, and former
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special assistant to president george w. bush. scott, before we dig into the rnc, i want to ask about this remarkable audio from the president's sister. this was secretly recorded, as we mentioned, by president trump's niece mary. what's your react to hearing this kind of language? >> look, i i think the president will be elected, or not, by his behavior. what surreptitiously records another relative because she's unhappy about an ink hairance. frankly i find this whole
1:23 pm
thing -- i don't want to get into the matter of a family matter, but i think it's reprehensib reprehensible. >> i think he's going to be by the way, donald trump has never tried to run on being a nice person. joe biden is trying to run that contrast, which plays into the democratic frame. what you get out of the republicans i think is a policy frame. i'm not certain it will have a huge impact on the outcome of the election. >> ana, if the "access hollywood" recording didn't
1:24 pm
matter, will this? >> i think it could be something that influences and affects the way that independents and disenfranchised republicans like myself, who may be having a hard time. it's one thing to where write in somebody, one thing not to vote and it's another for a lifeloan he person to get you to vote for the other candidate. i think all of that chips away at the rhoades iian the differences she's bringing up are character flaws. that's so poignant, to call your brother cruel, calling him
1:25 pm
somebody who doesn't read, talking about his base the way she does. things are very, very powerful that she says. subject prevent it's not his sister or not her voice. you can deflect at the end of the day, it's his sister who's known him for all 74 years of his life as a cruel, ig nonmanning and a phony. >> we know she won't be speaking at the convention. >> and won't be at the thanksgiving dinner, either. remove all the sharp objects. >> let's talk about who is speaking or isn't do you --
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>> i don't think so, but i don't know that those kinds of political endorsements matter. >> i think they'll choose to use some politicians. frankly i thought the dnc did a good job of this as well, though they had their political luminaries. they chose to highlight everyday people joe biden had touched. i think it's smart to do that, to have a people had of centered politics and people-centered convention. and i think they'll argue what -- what i'm hope they do is turn away from politics.
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>> i have no idea, but i suspect it's counterprogramming for what we saw we cannot -- was not qualified. look, i suspect that george w. bush, dick cheney, mitt romney, they would rather by waterboarding than be at the convention. the only nominees that have spoken at a convention is john mccain. he heard him in his own words,
1:28 pm
basically talking in favor of joe biden. so you're going to hearing mohr republican cannes and nominees than in the republican conversation. that's what the democratic convention was about, might be it a big ten people like barack obama, michelle obama. >> ana navarro, scott jennings, thank you both for being here. ana, please give your dog a belly rub for me. >> is she not the best dog? >> quiet. >> she'll have a fit at the door
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if i leave her outside the door, but if i have her here, she's the most informed dog. >> she is listening intently, no doubt, not making a people. thanks, guys, good to see you. a couple hurricanes could happen in one week. that is the nightmare the gulf coast is facing followed by tropical storm laura. louisiana's governor saying we don't know exactly what to expect. we will take you live to new orleans, next. finish quantum with activeblu technology, cleans without pre-rinsing. switch to finish and skip the rinse to save water.
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some breaking news. national weather experts today says there's never been anything like what is happening right now in the gulf of mexico. the storm called marco gaining strength just a short time ago, now a category 1 hurricane, the closest of the two powerful storms barreling toward the coast right now. martin, what are you being told as far as timeline and are people ready? >> reporter: that's the big question. never have either one of those two groups seen anything like what is shaping up in the next 36, 72 hours. it begins tomorrow afternoon with hurricane marco just a short distance away from new orleans. after that, later in the week you have a tropical storm laura
1:35 pm
possibly striking on the border with louisiana and texas. you can tell people really are concerned. they two storms individually are not something that emergency officials say would be capable of handling, but two combined within 48 hours, they don't know what to expect. the governor of louisiana said for the first 36 hours, you could be on your own, and where you are tonight is where you need to be. >> you need to ride out the storms wherever you are tonight. that's because tropical storm force winds will be impacted coastal louisiana before daylight tomorrow. i know you've heard that frequently, but with this
1:36 pm
one-two punch, this is the situation where you really need to be prepared, as we've always told you, to ride out these storms and the first 72 hours is on you. flooding is the big concern. if rescues are needed there may not be enough time for the rescue crews to rescue large numbers of people. back to you. >> wishing safety for everyone. in a short time, the president is expected to announce approval for emergency use of a treatment for people with covid-19. we'll discuss that next. you're live in "cnn newsroom."
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the white house is promising a major breakthrough. sources say a press conference tonight, the president will announce emergency used for convalesceent plasma. joining us is dr. schaffner. your reaction to this reporting. if that is what it is, is it a major breakthrough? >> well, it's a marginal breakthrough. some 60,000 to 70,000 patients have already received treatment. this will make the paperwork a bit easier and extend. use of this convalescent hospitals who haven't been able to access it yet. i think we ought to hold off a bit, though. the exact effectives in haz not
1:42 pm
yet been determined. which patients benefit, if any, and how much should be given? we need to no that. fort naturally a study has been started, and we look forward to those results. i do wish this sort of announcement would come from the food & drug administration. when it comes from the white house, it begins to have accomplice cal overtones and the whole response to covid has been split sized much too much. we mentioned the tweets from the position, say they are delaying, you know, the development of vaccines and therapeutics. that tweet came out yet. it was just a week ago yesterday the fda had hit pause on this,
1:43 pm
because it hadn't been tested, proven enough, what do you make of this about-face by the fda right snow in. >> there you go. it does look political, doesn't it? it looks as though it's been pressure to advance the emergency use authorization before they would ideally have liked to do that. this is really a manage professional decision that would be made by the pros to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all drugs, all treatments and all vaccines. i would wish that that's where the decision-making would reside. >> the u.s. has been averaging about 1,000 covid-related deaths per day for almost a month now. we're already at 176,000 deaths reported, but the cdc director says he expects this number
1:44 pm
could drop as soon as this week. what do you think? do you share his optimism? >> i'm not quite so optimistic. i truly wish that that would be the case. i know that in different parts of the country people are masking up more, observing social distancing, but at the same time we're opening up schools and universities, and there are reports that in university settings, there's a group of students who are not getting with the bram and starting out the school year with partiesparties, foolishly. ime not sure i can predict a downslope of cases. >> notre dame went to more than 400 infected people, students, staff and others. doctor, thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us. thanks. >> ana. as the republicans prepare for their convention, where does
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president trump is headsing into convention week as an underdogs in the polls. that's right, right now the incumbent is trailing, not just by a little. he's going to need to break records in order to make a comeback. if president trump has taught us anything over the last four years, never count him out. let's bring in harry enten.
1:50 pm
you say trump is in unprecedented territory. explain. >> take a look recent average. not only that, joe biden is above, since 1940, there have only been three or incumbents in position was. hashry truman, gerald ford, carter, and if you look at the polls, it's a very different position and unusual position one groo is white voters without a college degree. that's his core base.
1:51 pm
voters over the age of 65, senior citizens, we won that group by five. joe biden is ahead by nine points with them. joe biden is doing better with white voters than hillary clinton, but significantly worse with both latinos, 71 points with blacks, 32 points with hispanics. you want to at least by matching clinton's numbers by group, and biden is actually doing worse. >> it's kind of biden was up by
1:52 pm
ten points last week. ten points this week. no real bounce there, but the key thing is he wants to make sure that the previous voters, he's strengthening with your appeal. it's now positive, so it's very important he's locking down those voters. the fact is if you're above 50%, it's very difficult to lose. in fact, you can't lose unless you lose some supporters. >> it will be interesting to see if there's any changes in the dynamics given the republican national convention. harry, good to see you as always. thanks so much. >> always a pleasure joining you, ana. this week cnn heroes salute
1:53 pm
hector from helping people emerge from confinement? >> spent close to 31 months in solitary confinement. i would spend a day doing certain exercises to keep my blood moving through my body, my body strong. we have the moms on deck. the moms are getting it in. i started a second u foundation. for incarcerated men and women. they get certified. not one has reoffended. people that means a lot of families were fed. that means success to me. we all deserve a second chance. >> anderson cooper shares the full story at we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. tonight. w.kamau bell is talking to
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venezuelans about their fight to stay in the u.s. >> how long have you been driving in. >> over about four years. >> what did you do for work? >> i was a lawyer there. since then i've been here battling my case, but last year they got me detained. >> what was it like? >> it was bad. i had never been in jail in my life before. i was there on christmas, new year. i mean, that was -- it was really, really bad. mentalitily they destroy you there. thanks so much for staying with me. you are in the "cnn newsroom."
2:00 pm
in just a short time from now, president trump will told a press conference to announce what the white house has teased. sources tell cnn this announcement is expected to be emergency use authorization however, the press conference comes at a series of surreal headlines this week jent. >> without received, so that they can delay them until after the election.


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